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Страна нартов

By 18.08.2017 Апрель 15th, 2019 Маршруты
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SimpleText is the native text editor for the Apple classic Mac OS.[1] SimpleText allows editing including text formatting (underline, italic, bold, etc.), fonts, and sizes. It was developed to integrate the features included in the different versions of TeachText that were created by various software development groups within Apple.[2]

It can be considered similar to Windows’ WordPad application. In later versions it also gained additional read only display capabilities for PICT files, as well as other Mac OS built-in formats like Quickdraw GX and QTIF, 3DMF and even QuickTime movies.[2] SimpleText can even record short sound samples and, using Apple’s PlainTalk speech system, read out text in English. Users who wanted to add sounds longer than 24 seconds, however, needed to use a separate program to create the sound and then paste the desired sound into the document using ResEdit.[2]

SimpleText superseded TeachText, which was included in System Software up until Mac OS 8. The need for SimpleText arose after Apple stopped bundling MacWrite, to ensure that every user could open and read


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